Go Green! with Mulches & Soil...
Sam Bridge Nursery & Greenhouses carries 5 kinds of mulch, 2 types of compost, screened top soil, potting mix and much more.


  • Soil Conditioner
  • Pinebark Mini Nuggets
  • Cedar Mulch*
  • Hardwood Mulch*
  • Sweet Peat*
  • *These mulches are available by the yard in addition to bags. We do not deliver bulk mulch out of town.


Compost: We carry two types of Coast of Maine Compost

Penobscot Blend – A complete planting mix that greatly improves the survival rate of your plants when used.

Quoddy Blend – A lobster compost which is a finer mix and ideal for planting edibles.



Top Soil: We carry screened top soil in bags and by the yard. Please note that we do not deliver top soil by the yard out of town.

Hay: For seeding we carry a sterile chopped hay by Mainly Mulch. We also carry mulch hay and salt hay. Please check in our store for availability.

Potting Mix: We carry two types of potting mixes. Black Gold Potting Mix which has a starter fertilizer in it and is ideal for planting annuals and mixed containers and also Coast of Maine Potting Mix for a certified organic potting mix perfect for edibles and anyone interested in organic gardening.